How to Save $1000 in 2018 by Ditching Cable (but NOT your favorite channels).

Cable TV, has always been the way.  But is there a better way?

In our house, sitting down to watch whole tv shows at a time in our house (that aren’t animated) is a luxury.  Yet, it never really crossed our minds, until recently, that we could get through life without a cable package.

It’s just the way it was….until now.

HOW in the world were we spending over $150 a month on something we barely watched and hardly even enjoyed?! I mean, we literally watched three or four of the 100 channels we receive.

In the day-in-age of digital and online everything there had to be a way around this.  My mission: to find a solution that allowed us to watch our favorite channels and shows on our terms.

After a bit of research, I learned that, not only could we break-up with cable.  But we could also get everything we’d ever wanted in a television watching experience, and more, for so much less cost-wise!

Read on to learn how to save your family well over $100 a month (yes, over $1000 a year!) in just four easy steps!

1) Get a streaming device for your TV.

There are a number of streaming devices out there to choose from, and the list keeps growing.  Here’s my top four list of the popular streaming devices*.  Click each one to view directly on Amazon.

  1. Roku Express Stick
  2. The Amazon Fire stick
  3. Roku streaming media player

We chose the Roku Streaming Media Player because the features & price fit our needs the best, and we’ve been really happy with it.

Many smart TV’s also come with streaming capabilities.  So, chances are, that new tv you just scored on Black Friday is smarter than you think! Be sure to check out its capabilities before you purchase a separate device.

*Also, if you sign up with Sling or YouTube TV, they currently offer a streaming device as a free gift with purchase. Read below for more info.

2) Break up with your current provider.

This was an easy step for us since our contract had ended.  To be fair to our cable company, I did call to see if they could offer us a lower rate.  You know, like that awesome rate they hook you into that long and painful contract with?!   They couldn’t.  So, I politely (and gleefully) broke up with our cable provider.

“It’s not you…it’s us. We’ve changed and are just unwilling to pay you such a chunk of our hard-earned cash each month.”

Since our cable, tv and phone was bundled into a package deal, I needed to find a new stand alone internet provider.

Verizon Fios made this incredibly easy and inexpensive—and is contract-free.  Plans start as low as $39. I found the $50 package to be the best choice for our family.  Click here to check out the plans for yourself.

Plus, we received $22.50 from Ebates back for signing with Fios, which we put towards our Roku! If you aren’t using Ebates yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! Read more about it here!

3) Pick your online television provider of choice.

We originally started with Sling. We’ve since moved over to Direct TV Now because it provides a few more of our favorite channels than Sling does. The third service I’ll cover is YouTube TV.

  • Each can be viewed from a computer, tablet, smartphone or smart tv (or streaming device) with corresponding apps.
  • All also offer a free 7-day trial.
  • All are contract-free
  • Additional subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Star can be added on for a low monthly rate.

Read below to see the key selling points of each service:

  1. DirecTV NOW
    • Packages start at $35.
    • Get your first month for just $10. Enter promo code BDAY2017 when you sign up to receive $25 off.
    • Very much you’re traditional cable experience, through an app.
    • Click here to see intro page and compare channel line-ups for each package selection.
    • Subscription add-ons mentioned above are $5 each.
  2. Sling TV
    • Packages start at $20 a month.
    • Sling’s claim to fame is an al a carte viewing experience and offers two domestic streaming services known as “orange” or “blue” with the option to add extra channels by category such as: Comedy, Sports, Kids, Hollywood, News Lifestyle.
    • You can purchase DVR cloud storage for an additional cost.
    • Sling offers a number of deals with prepaid service.  Click here to check them out.
  3. YouTube TV
    • $35/month
    • Unlimited cloud storage for your favorite shows.
    • Offers local channels, so no need to read on to step #4!
    • Additional subscriptions available for an additional charge.
    • Offers a free Chromecast streaming device after you’re first month’s payment (limited time offer). Click here to see details.

4) For Local Channels, invest in new-aged rabbit ears*.

Don’t worry, it’s not as tacky as it sounds!  The TV antennas of today are much more streamlined and can actually be hidden behind the television if its hanging on the wall. See the quick link below.

So, there you have it! We followed this process and haven’t looked back! What will you do with an extra $1000 in your pocket in 2018?


  1. Kim | 4th Dec 17

    We have a firestick! Haven’t given up cable but my brother has and uses some of these resources.

  2. Allison | 4th Dec 17

    That’s amazing! I’m going to look into this with my husband, as we complain every month how much we’re dropping on TV and not enjoying it (or even have the time to watch it). Thank you for all the detailed info!

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