Mom’s Night In Box Review

What are Night In Boxes All About?

“What a GREAT idea!” I thought.  A huge part of the joy I get from blogging is sharing the simple ways to make life memorable and fun with you, my reader!

So, I ventured to the website to check it out.  I was looking for a fun date night subscription box that Erik and I could have fun with.  When I got there, I found so much more!  There are actually four different types of boxes to choose from:

  1. Date Night In
  2. Faith Night In
  3. Daddy Daughter Night In
  4. Mom’s Night In

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Mom’s Night In box.

Hurray for fun mail!  What’s in the box?

The Contents

Receiving my Night In Box was fun from the start.  It came packaged in a pretty box that just looked like a fun gift was waiting for me inside!  Although I knew I’d have to thoughtfully plan out the perfect time for a “me date” to get to experience the kit to its fullest potential, I dove right in to see what kind of fun goodies were waiting for me!

Upon opening the box, I first found a fun little note outlining my Mom’s Night In experience. How refreshing to find a thoughtfully planned list that I didn’t have to create!  I feel pampered already!  I also found a thoughtful little note, some tasty goodies, a roller of essential oil, a fun lip scrub, a couple of candles, a coloring book with pencils and a tin of sweet reminders for Moms.

Today’s the Day!

I’ll have to admit, there was a bit of a lapse from the time I received my box to when I was actually able to find the time to enjoy it and create this review.  Life as a busy mama, right?!  Well, it’s Saturday afternoon.  Hubby’s taking the kiddos to a friend’s house to enjoy some grilling and pool time.  It’s now or never!  I’m SO excited to get my “Mom’s Night In” on.

Let the Relaxation Begin.

The first treat I find waiting for me is a Spotify playlist, created just for my Mom’s Night In R&R session.  I’m one of those rare people who didn’t already subscribe to Spotify.  So, I had to create an account to listen.  It literally took less than a minute to set up.  The music is soothing and relaxing.  It helped me to transition into my relaxation time the same way the music at a spa changes your mental and physiological state when waiting to get a facial or massage.

Next, I took a minute to light the two small candles that came with the kit and roll on the Awaken Essential Oil blend.  It manages to smell energizing, yet soothing at the same time.  Upon a quick Google search, I discover it’s a Young Living blend (I think…).  I’m huge fan of Young Living, so that’s a score.

*Note to nursing mamas: The YL website does say to consult with a physician prior to use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Yoga, meditation, coloring—three of the best stress reducers EVER.

Already, my blood pressure feels lower and my breathing is deeper.  Pear Ginger lollipop in one hand, colored pencil in the other.  I’m totally ready to get my coloring on.

I heart adult coloring books!

The coloring book is so cute—and throws a bit of humor in there too!  I opt to color a picture of a neat, clean family room. It relaxes me to color a picture of an organized space (ha!). I love that my biggest decisions right now are whether to color the couch blue or purple.  Such a welcome break from the 8 million other decisions I have to make in my day as a mom.

One hour into my me time, I feel relaxed and just lighter.  Maybe the proper word is zen?  Yes.  I feel more zen an hour into my Mom’s Night (or afternoon) In.  Same type of feeling I get immediately following a massage.  Relaxed, and not a care in the world!  My picture is finished and all I have left to experience is the lip scrub and to open the little tin filled with inspirational cards.

Final Steps in My Mommy R & R

Beautiful reminders for Moms

I’ve made my way through most of the box, and it’s been wonderful.  Last items on the list are the sugar lip scrub by The Earthy Child and reading through my inspirational cards sent in the cute tin.  The lip scrub is a delicious sugar/mint blend.  It worked to exfoliate my lips and make them feel softer.  The inspirational cards were so sweet.  I took time to post them in spots around my house as little reminders of today, and to help me put things in perspective when I need it most. I placed one next to my coffee maker, one on my bathroom mirror, one on my front door and one in my wallet.  You get the idea!


As many moms that I meet and encounter on Facebook, I’m constantly striving to simplify life and minimize clutter.  Some subscription boxes add to chaos and clutter.  This one doesn’t.

From the moment I opened the box, it felt like it was created just for me.  And, more than receiving “things”, it felt like I was gifted a whole experience.  It definitely felt like it was created by a mom for moms.  And, I’ll have to say that this review has been one of the most fun, and most relaxing, that I have done yet.

I love this Mom’s Night In box as a fun gift idea for the mom who either has everything or wants for nothing (except maybe a little time for herself every now and then!).  It’s a great alternative to the traditional gift of flowers or spa treatment to ask for from your hubby.  It also has the potential to be the gift that keeps on giving all year-long—which is fun. (Choose from 4 tiered options, starting as low as $34.95 for a single box.)

I would also love to surprise a friend with a Mom’s Date Night In box for Mother’s Day or even just because.

*Dad’s and nearby family: If you surprise the special mom in your life with this gift, it would be especially thoughtful to offer to watch the kids for a couple of hours so that Mom actually has the time to use her fun gift!

Stay tuned for reviews on other Date Night In boxes!  Which one would you like for me to review next?  Leave your comments below.


Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.  I only review and endorse products that I 100% stand behind and believe in.  There are also affiliate links in this post.  If you like my review, and this product, and decided to purchase off of my link, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you.  This payment helps me to keep the blog running at no cost to my readers!

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