Making the Best of Your Child’s Sick Day

Today, I was just hanging out with Emerson, my three-year-old daughter…when I slowly came to the dismal realization that she was sick.  Luckily, not the knock down, drag-out battle of the flu (yet, anyway!), but she was on that  dreaded downward path to feeling pretty crummy.  First the cough, then the chills, then the sleepiness, then—the fever.  And, in the middle of doing my best to make her feel better, memories of my childhood sick days came back to me.  Is it odd to say that I remember those times  (somewhat) fondly?  Even so, that is totally the case.  My mom always did such an amazing job of doing everything she could to make us feel better.  Sick days were: Chicken soup, saltines, ginger ale, movies and cuddle time in my parents’ big, extra-comfy bed.  No matter what, we were always set up for a day of comfort and rest.  I’m not quite sure how she did it, with three little ones and none of the conveniences of today, but my mom always did…And, as I sat with my little girl this morning, I thought about how important that was to me, and how it’s those little moments and memories that make a childhood truly special.

As a stay-at-home-mom, I feel so grateful to be able to put Emerson’s needs to the very front of my mind and top of my priority list, without having to juggle urgent work emails and phone calls, conference calls or stress about meeting project deadlines amidst everything (including the sleep deprivation) that so often comes with the territory of the working mom.   It was truly never one of my strong points as a working mom–and part of what makes me feel so very grateful today to be home with her full-time.  What I am also trying to say, is that, working moms, I totally feel for you with sick children!  And, moms of all varieties, I urge you to use the uninterrupted time to bond with, and cater to you child.  I promise, they will never forget that feeling, or those moments with you, and they will appreciate it for the rest of their life!

Sick Day Supplies

No doubt, sick days are not “fun”, but there are ways to make them so much better!  If you’re a planner, have a few “sick day necessities” on-hand for a seamless transition from regular mommy to nurse mommy on-demand.  My favorites are:

  • Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup (extra noodles)
  • Oyster crackers
  • Pedialyte
  • Popsicles
  • Ginger Ale
  • Fever reducing medication
  • A good movie or two.  Thanks to modern technology, these are so much easier to come by than when I was a kid where my mom would have to venture to the local library or video store to check them out.  Today, I Heart Amazon Video.  We can watch on our TV, computer, tablet or even our phone.  So easy for sick little ones to cuddle in bed, the couch, wherever, and watch.
  • Some good books

And, for those of us that are stuck at home without the planned supply (or need more of it), services like Amazon Prime Now or Walmart online grocery shopping, life is SO much easier for us than our moms, since we don’t even need to enter a store (or possibly leave our house!) to get what our sick child needs.

If you haven’t tried Walmart Online Shopping yet, it is awesome.  And there’s no fee! Try it today by clicking here to get $10 off your first Walmart Online Grocery order.  And, be sure to check your favorite local grocery store, as many are offering the same services!

Amazon Prime Now is a 2-hour (or less) delivery service that will bring items straight to your door!  There is an app for iPhone and Android devices you can download for quick and easy shopping.  So, if you’re really in a pinch and can’t get to a store, this service is amazing!  There is a huge variety of items to choose from.  So, order the items listed above, and grab some last minute items for dinner that night as well (your hubby will think you’re a super hero!).  Just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to utilize Amazon Prime Now. (And, if you haven’t hopped on the Amazon bandwagon yet, you’ve got to give it a try to experience the multitude of benefits for yourself.)  Click here to try Amazon Prime out for 30 days, free!
  2. The delivery fee varies, but should cost about $5-8 (plus tip for the driver)—but SO worth it in a pinch!

Seeing our children sick is never easy.  But, having this time with them allows us the opportunity to do what we do best as moms. Comfort, nurture and tend to their needs 100%, providing memories and feelings of love that will last a lifetime.  Hopefully these little reminders and tips will make life easier on you as you tend to those sweet little noses, tummies and fevers! Speaking of, my little one is stirring from her (much-needed) nap…so if you’ll excuse me, cuddle time begins again…now!

What are some childhood traditions you and your family had for sick days?  What traditions do you have with your kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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