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A brief history

My love affair with skincare and beauty started at an early age. In elementary school, I was first in line to try out the latest beauty trends. Some worked out better than others. (Let’s just say Oompa Loompa orange was not the best look for me after my sixth grade self-tanner disaster.) BUT, every once in a while, a skincare or make-up brand enters my world and changes it for the better. Which is why I’m here talking about this soon-to-be household name.

Me doing my mom’s makeup before my wedding.
Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands, NC

In 2014, I caught wind of this new, clean line of skincare that also delivers actual results that you can see.  At the time, I was a stylist for jewelry social selling company Stella & Dot, and we got to try the line out first. JACKPOT!  The line was actually created by Stella & Dot CEO, Jessica Herrin, as an answer to finding skincare that was pregnancy safe, and actually worked to improve her skin.

As long and hard as she searched, she was never able to find exactly what she was looking for!  On one hand, there were plenty of clean brands, but they didn’t work to improve the skin. And on the other— it was proving to be impossible to find clinical-grade options that were healthy and safe.  

Currently, the U.S. is playing catch-up to Europe and Canada with banning unsafe chemicals from our skincare and make-up products in a big way.  Where they ban 14,000 chemicals the U.S. has banned…11!  

It’s with those astounding facts, among others, that Herrin gathered a rock-star team of experts to create a line of products that not only adhered to the European standards of safety, but also created results that women would be thrilled with!  In March of 2014, EVER skincare officially launched. Just like Stella & Dot, EVER isn’t sold in stores.  Instead you can find it online and meet up with an area specialist to try out the products in person.

 (To assess the safety of your skincare products, visit—and download their free app). 

My experience

Not an uncommon story, I found myself in my mid-thirties, totally frustrated with my skin.  Acne had worn out its welcome. Fine lines were a new and unwanted guest settling around my eye and mouth areas. Not to mention, my previous sun-goddess ways were catching up to me in the form of ugly brown spots on my face. No matter how much money I threw at the beauty counters in exchange for beautiful bottles and big promises, I still found myself reaching for make-up to cover the flaws these products couldn’t seem to erase.

Erik and I had a trip to Mexico coming up.  The thirty day countdown was on, and my major goal was great skin…not to rock six-pack abs (although that would have been nice).  All I wanted more than anything was skin that I could feel halfway comfortable in.  Not to feel the urgent need to cover it up with foundation as soon as I woke up, only for it to be washed away by the pool water. I wanted to wake up to feel confident, and ready to face the day. I truly didn’t know if that goal was even within reach.  But, I was ready to give it one more try.

Taking the leap

When I finally gave EVER a try, I was jaded from decades of empty promises and product let-downs. Oh, and, don’t even get me started on the companies with auto-ship that made it IMPOSSIBLE to cancel.  I felt slightly more confident this time, since I already knew and loved the family of brands. The product guarantee gave me the re-assurance I needed to take the leap, and the no hassle Subscribe to Save program saved me a lot of money.  In true Kristal fashion, I went all in, ordering the Pure Results Regimen.  I’m all about a great deal, and buying it all together saved me 20% from buying things individually.  Besides, for 30-day results, it was highly recommended to use these five products together. Aaaand, that’s exactly what I was after.  The products that came in my regimen were:

  1. Luminous Cleansing Balm
  2. Reveal Biommetric Peel Pads
  3. Youthful Face & Eye Serum
  4. Hydralift Moisture Injection Cream
  5. Daylight Tinted Moisturizer with non-chemical SPF 32

Putting it to use

Completing the four steps took way less time than I thought it would. And, within just days, I noticed that my skin felt softer and smoother. After a week, I noticed my skin was looking brighter and healthier.  It’s been three years, and I haven’t looked back.  My skin looks better than it did in my 20’s. And, these days, it is not uncommon for me to face an entire day, completely make-up free! It has been a dream come true—and I’m still so totally amazed.

Me at the end of our trip! Totally care-free and confident.

On the days I do take a few (and we’re talking a FEW) minutes to apply make-up, it’s an added bonus, not the crutch holding up my self-esteem.  Since I know and trust the brand, I now only use the EVER make-up line as well.  Check out my post, From Hot Mess to Goddess in 5-minutes Flat, to learn all about that!

P.S.  If you’re curious about EVER and thinking of giving it a try, be sure to click here to get $10 off your first order!

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