Got 10 minutes to yourself? Pamper yourself with these awesome (and frugal) alternatives to the spa!

Let’s face it, in #MomLife, we are faced with the dichotomy of being ever in need of some R&R, with very few opportunities to be able to indulge.  And, I’m sure I’m not alone in  that, when I finally get some time away, I’m constantly thinking of my kids, missing them,  and anxiously awaiting my return.  So, what’s a mom to do?!

Read on to learn about the awesome alternatives I’ve found to the classic massage/facial/yoga class/retail therapy that so many of us crave that can be just as good for our mind/body and soul.

Instead of a Massage, try Yoga Tune-up Balls

I’ll start with one of my personal favorites—a massage.  I mean, who doesn’t love being pampered for an hour or longer?  Working out those crazy knots that seem to have found a permanent home in your neck, upper traps, shoulder blades, etc.  The room is so quiet and the music, aromatherapy and warm massage table are enough to lull you into a sweet dreamlike state….but honestly, who has time for all that?! And even if you’re able to once a month, all the zen is undone two days later and the knots seem to take up their permanent residence once again.

When there’s no time for all that, I turn to my Yoga Tune-up Balls.  These little miracle workers knead knots out quickly and efficiently.  My favorite is to place them between my back/shoulders/neck and the wall and roll, roll roll.  If you’re in a pinch, a tennis ball will do.  But Yoga Tune-up balls are designed to lightly grip your skin, making them much more effective.  There’s a great book to go with them called  The Roll Model by Jill Miller.  It’s a great resource for working out specific areas!

Instead of a Facial Try a Mask & Meditation

I am such a HUGE proponent of taking great care of my skin.  My face is literally the first thing that people see, and how I represent myself to the world.  So, I aim to take great care of it.  And, while I would LOVE to indulge in regular facials, that requires time I don’t always have to give and money that I just can’t always justify in a single income home.

I’m loving EVER Skincare. EVER is a botanically derived, clinical-grade line of products.  As a nursing mother, I’m SO careful with what I put onto (and into) my body, and EVER only uses natural ingredients.  But in amounts that actually do something good for my skin too.  I’m using the Pure Results Regimen, which I HIGHLY recommend. Click here to take a fun little quiz on your ideal 2 minute ritual.

About once a week, I love a good 10 minute Mask & Meditation session.  It’s as straight-forward as it sounds. Find a good quality mask that you love the smell of.  (My favorite is EVER’s Purify Mask, which smells like a spa in a jar, and uses yummy ingredients like Mediterranean clay and White Peony Flower.) From there, just power up a meditation app like Headspace or Calm. Meditate while the mask sets!

Instead of the Sauna, try Essential Oils in Your Shower

This is a little trick I use often when I’m exhausted, with no time to nap!  Peppermint essential oil is like a power nap in a bottle.  Just take a few drops and place them around the bottom of the shower before you get in.  Once it steams up, your shower will fill with the aroma of the oil.  Peppermint is rejuvenating and energizing.  There are so many other oils you can use as well for different effects.  Lavender is relaxing, so that would be a great one to use as well!  Different oils will pamper you in different ways.

Instead of Retail Therapy at the Mall, Try a Clothing Subscription Service

So, there was a day when shopping was actually retail therapy.  These days, shopping is pretty low on my list when it comes to how I prefer to spend my alone time.  #I’dratherbeblogging.  And, when I do make it out to shop, there is this strong magnetic pull towards the children’s section.  Why are my kids are SO much more fun to shop for than shopping for myself?!  But I need clothes.  I appreciate looking pulled together.  And I appreciate not having to spend hours (or a small fortune) doing it! Enter: Stitch Fix.  This service is SO convenient!  Its built for busy moms, stay-at-home and working-alike, that prefer trying on clothes in the comfort of their own bedroom, while the kiddos are napping.  And, let’s be honest…the lighting in our home is SO much more flattering than the fluorescent lighting of a store. 

I was so happy to use this service before I got pregnant with Luke.  And, now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size, I can’t wait to start the service again!  *There is a maternity option, but since I had plenty of clothes from my first pregnancy, I opted out.

My next order is set to arrive right after Thanksgiving!  I’ll be sure to share the outcome with you once it arrives.

I’m constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to splurge a little without spending a lot!

What are some tricks of the trade that you’ve found to make your life more luxurious and stylish, while still being true to yourself in #momlife?


  1. Tifanee | 20th Nov 17

    I love these ideas! I’ve always wanted to try a clothing subscription service, maybe this will be my final push. I HATE trying on clothes at a store these days. I love taking a hot bath just after the kids are in bed with some essential oils and wine. So good to be reminded that, as a mom, there are options for frugal breaks!

    • Kristal | 20th Nov 17

      Thank, Tifanee! I’m totally agree with you on the hot bath with essential oils and glass of wine! Another excellent way to unwind and de stress on mom time. Definitely do yourself a favor and try a clothing subscription service. So much fun, and SUCH a time saver.

  2. Jaime | 20th Nov 17

    LOVE your ideas! I want some tune up balls. They sound amazing!

    • Kristal | 20th Nov 17

      Thanks, Jaime! They are wonderful. You’d love ‘Em!

  3. Natalie | 20th Nov 17

    I HAVE to have a weekly bath and face mask for my own sanity ! ?

    • Kristal | 21st Nov 17

      Hey, a mom’s gotta do
      What we gotta do! Love it. ?

  4. brittany | 21st Nov 17

    I think I need to get those yoga tune up balls! That sounds great! I have a lovely knot in my neck right now!

    • Kristal | 21st Nov 17

      I’m so sorry to hear about your neck. You would love them. They’d definitely help!

  5. Yulianna | 21st Nov 17

    Great tips! Thank you, I think I will try some of them.

  6. Happy Toddler Playtime | 21st Nov 17

    Wonderful ideas! I need to invest in me more!

    • Kristal | 21st Nov 17

      Thank you! I think as moms, its easy to push our selfceare to the side. But also crucial for our well-being and the well-being of our families.

  7. Brittany | 21st Nov 17

    Those are some great ideas! It is so important to take time for ourseleves each day and these are all easy enough to incorporate into busy lives.

    • Kristal | 21st Nov 17

      Thanks, Brittany! I totally agree that it’s SO important.

  8. Karen | 22nd Nov 17

    I’ve recently been doing mask and meditation and it’s awesome because I used to be glued to my phone while I waste for the mask to dry up and I’m completely more relaxed doing meditation instead.

    • Kristal | 23rd Nov 17

      That is so awesome! I can relate to that for sure. Our smart phones can be a great tool for self care or then opposite. Love that you use your phone for mindfulness & meditation too!

  9. Amanda | 23rd Nov 17

    This is a great post! Always a good reminder to take more time for yourself even if it means not leaving the house!! I LOVED the essential oil tip at the bottom of the shower and will be trying that later. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Kristal | 23rd Nov 17

      Thanks, Amanda! Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you enjoy your shower spa time! It’s amazing how one small thing can make such a difference!

  10. Erika | 13th Jan 18

    These tips are great! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles, self-care itself can seem like a chore.

    • Kristal | 15th Jan 18

      I agree! Crazy isn’t it?! Always feels so good when I do take that time though. Even if it’s only 10 minutes. ?

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