5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

“Grandparents make the world… a little softer, a little kinder, [and] a little warmer.” — Unknown

Grandparents Day.

Yes, it’s a thing.  And it’s coming up.  September 9th, to be exact…and if you’re like me, you had no idea that it existed until you became a parent.  There’s a good possibility that it didn’t exist until we were parents…but I digress.  You will be seeing posts on Facebook, and your parents will probably mention it.

This year, be prepared!  It doesn’t take much, even the smallest act of love and appreciation will put a giant smile on your parents’ face.  It’s also a great way to have some fun with your kids while creating the gifts, while also instilling the spirit of giving.

This gift giving opportunity is best when kept simple.

Why? Gifts that aren’t simple tend to be pushed to the side, and then forgotten about.  My perfectionistic side knows this all-too-well.  Life is crazy, but you totally got this! Especially with my super cute and fun list of gift ideas for you to choose from!

A Coffee Mug

A great Amazon find, for when you’ve cut it close on time for shipping.

Such a very simple and cute way to surprise them and acknowledge them for the great grandparents that they are.  It will bring a smile to their face day-after-day as they indulge in their morning cup of coffee.  You can be as basic (not in a bad way) as these “Best Grandma/Grandpa Ever.” mugs from Amazon (especially if your in a time crunch.  Or step it up a notch with pictures of their grandkids on the mug or creating something at a pottery shop.

An Artwork Frame 

I love how the one pictured below allows you to store 50 pictures in the frame.  What a PERFECT way to save the cute artwork your child brings home from school, and then share the joy with their biggest fans.  This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

This frame is adorable! We have two in our home. Click the image to view on Amazon.

Handprint and/ or Footprint Art 

Click the image to follow my Handprint Art gallery on Pinterest.

With moms, dads and grandparents, you’re pretty much guaranteed two thumbs up with anything that involves children’s handprints.  I love this idea SO much that I’ve created a whole Pinterest board for it that I’m constantly adding to.  You can check it out here. There are so many creative ideas from so many talented Pinners & bloggers, there is bound to be one that’s perfect for you and your family!  Let me know which ideas you like best!

Framed picture or Photo Book

The kids had so much fun doing this craft!

All supplies were purchased from Dollar Tree.

The finished product

There is something so magical about a picture that takes people back to a special moment in time.  Or a book to commemorate a fun trip or vacation together. My children created these custom picture frames using materials from the Dollar Tree. They had SO much fun finger-painting and creating their works of art.  Afterwords they got to play in the sprinkler to help wash away the mess!  Photo books are great too. You can make them as simple, or as involved, as you choose.  Checkout sites like Groupon, where there is almost always a special running on a phonebook from one company or another.  Some companies to check out are:

  1. Shutterfly.com
  2. Picaboo.com
  3. Walmart.com
  4. Mixbook.com
  5. Snapfish.com
  6. Costco.com
  7. Collage.com

Homemade cookies 

Click the image to follow my Homemade Cookies board on Pinterest!

Who doesn’t LOVE homemade cookies?!  Create a fun project for you and your kids, while making a tasty surprise for Grandma and Granpda as well.  Package it up in a decorative box with a cute little saying, or a picture of your children making the cookies on top! Check out my Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration here

So, whether you have a lot of time and are able to hand-deliver your gift OR you’re down to the wire and needing it to ship quick, your covered with a few great ideas that are bound to make your children’s grandparents feel as special and appreciated as they are!  

Do you have any special gift ideas or Grandparents day traditions? Share them in the comments section below!


  1. Tiffany | 19th Oct 18

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    • Kristal | 24th Oct 18

      Thanks, Tiffany! Always interested in collaborations. I’ll be sure to check out the site. 🙂

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