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About Kristal

Hi there! I’m Kristal, and I am so happy you stopped by to check out my blog!

What’s This Blog All About?

My goal is to offer you practical solutions to everyday dilemmas that many of us have encountered as moms! Moving to a new city, and currently without a “mom tribe” of my own, I’ve found so much comfort and companionship with fellow moms through Facebook pages and blogs.  That’s what I’m aiming to

build with this blog.  A comfortable and uplifting place for you to go for words of encouragement, advice—or maybe just a recipe!

Why the name—Lattes & Little Hugs?  I wanted to incorporate the things that seem to bring me a sense of comfort and pure joy in my heart.  Since I was old enough to enjoy coffee, a great latte did just this.  Comfort, tranquility, indulgence.

Since Emerson was born, it didn’t take long for the euphoric feeling of little warm arms wrapped around my neck in an embrace of pure love to trump any other feeling of joy in the world.  It’s a feeling of joy, gratitude and humility, all wrapped into one.

My Bio in A Nutshell

I was born in Denver, CO and raised everywhere in-between (CO, CA, OH, NY, OH), and relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2005 for my career.  In 2009, I met my husband Erik! Our romance blossomed over table-side guacamole, and has been an adventure ever-since!  We’re currently living in Virginia Beach with our family.  We have a sweet and spunky Yorkie named Bentley (or first baby–of the furry variety), a witty and charming four (going on fourteen) year-old daughter, Emerson and the newest addition to our family, sweet Luke (born in March)!

As mentioned, our life together has been an adventure. In just five short years of marriage, we have moved five times and experienced some major life-events along the way.  The adventures of parenthood, transition in career and parent roles, and loss of loved ones.

Currently, I’m a stay-at-home mom, but spent Emerson’s first two years in a working-mom role (as a Marketing Manager).  Eventually, Erik and I felt the time was right for me to exit the corporate world to fully embrace the role of stay-at-home wife and mom.  It is something I have always wanted and hoped for!  AND, it was QUITE the adjustment.  After two years, I’m learning to find the balance needed to stay sane (and feel like I’m winning) in my new role! (Read: I’m learning to let go of controlling every little detail and resign myself to the good grace of God and his will for what is meant to be–while embracing gentle structure and routine for our family and myself.)

A List of Random Things about Me

  1. One of my all time favorite quotes is that “The only thing constant is change.”  It’s one that I’ve referred back to so many times in life–because it’s so true!
  2. I have an obsession with planners, calendars, my label maker and all things organization!  Anything that can bring simplicity to me and my family in a world of chaos, I’m a fan of.
  3. I have a knack for turning any “cool” song into a kids song in some way.  (Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA was turned into “Potty in the USA” in our house during potty training time for Emerson.  The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff song Summertime has morphed into “Tummy-time” for Luke.  For now, my children seem to think I’m funny as well!
  4. I had an espresso machine in my dorm room my freshman year and would regularly make lattes, cappuccinos or espresso for my friends when they stopped by my room.  My love for lattes runs deep (hence the blog name).
  5. I drive a mini van, and I love it! Never thought I’d see the day, but it’s here.
  6. My current obsession is mason jars.  They can seriously be used for everything! (Blog post on 100 ways to use a mason jar, coming soon!)
  7. My current dream is to get an RV and travel around the country with my family, exploring all there is to see.
  8. Not surprisingly, my favorite HGTV show is House Hunters, Tiny Homes.



Again, welcome to Lattes & Little Hugs!  I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and help serve you and your needs as mothers and women.  We are each so unique, but share such an amazing and unbreakable bond!