An Ode to The New School Year 

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Can you feel it?

Butterflies, optimism, hope and new beginnings?  Those are just a few of the words to describe the way I feel this time of year. It’s a feeling that’s been instilled in me since I was old enough to remember.

Fresh hair cut, new clothes, new back pack and lunchbox. A gloriously blank notebook and vibrant new set of markers, crayons and pencils. Waiting to see old friends and anticipating the many new ones to be made. A fresh opportunity to exhibit the confidence I’d gained over the course of the Summer…and how I’d become more of what I wanted to be last year.  Yes, a new-and-improved me.

This is the magic that is a new school year.

Seeing it through my daughter’s  eyes brings those early memories back in such a strong and nostalgic way. She’s four, and very excited to be in Pre-K. She feels SO much bigger than when she was in pre-school at the same place last year.

Through her fresh and tender spirit I feel those feelings of excitement, nervousness and uncertainty as if they were my own again.

And even now, in my mid-thirties, this is my very favorite time of the year. All those delicious emotions hinging on the endless possibilities that lie ahead.  When else do we mentally and physically prepare ourselves for an entirely new year ahead? Probably for some, it’s December 31st. But for me, this is it. In early August, I giddily placed “submit order” for my brand new planner (which I love to start in September).

Upon receiving it, I carefully thumbed through each beautifully unmarked page. A whole world of unchartered projects to create, goals to work towards, and milestones my children will accomplish and that will be celebrated. Undoubtedly a not-so-subtle metaphor for life, this brand new planner represents the most amazing gift, to be opened one day at a time.

This year, I vow to do life a little better than the last.

I vow to spend more of my days on the present page. Less time worrying about the pages to follow, and even less time worrying about the pages that have already passed. I’ll spend more time in the present moment and less on autopilot, or letting my precious time slip between my fingertips on things that don’t matter.

So, to you, I say: Happy New School Year! May it be all that you’re hoping it will be, and so much more.

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