Emma & Prince Subscription Box

Jumping on the Subscription Box Bandwagon

I was so excited to receive the opportunity to review the newest subscription box from Emma & Prince! Lately, I’ve seen so many posts pop into my Facebook and Instagram feed for subscription boxes.  It seems like there’s one for everything these days..which is awesome!  What a perfect gift to yourself each month as a little “thank you” to you for all that you do.  It is also a unique and out-side-the-box (Pun-intended. I couldn’t help myself) gift idea for a loved one that seems to have everything!

What is Emma & Prince?

Emma & Prince is a monthly delivery service modeled after, worldly popular, Mommy & Lifestyle Blogger Emma Dawn, and her son, Milo. Every month she thoughtfully designs and shares with you, her favorite beauty and lifestyle products along with one of Milo’s must have baby items. Each box will be packed with highly rated and luxurious relaxation products from essential oils to bath and body to home goods, all to spoil mommy. While including one of Milo’s favorites through-out his first 2 years, as a special gift for baby.


What’s in the Box?

My June box included:

  • Aromatherapy Inhaler
  • Organic Kosher Soy Wax Melts
  • Glass Essential Oil Diffuser w/ Wooden Reeds
  • Artisan Crafted Oatmeal Body Bar
  • Mama Bear Collection by DS Body – Bump & Body Oil
  • A brochure with details of what was in the box and how to use it

*Baby item will begin shipping in August boxes. Choose an item for a little girl or little boy!

My Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, receiving a box filled with goodies is just plain fun!  I love how the items in the box make it simple for me to take a quick time-out for me to pamper myself, while also included some goodness for my little Luke.

The Warm Vanilla Oatmeal soap bar feels luxurious, and the scent is on the lighter side, making it perfect for those with sensitive noses.  Same goes for the Bump Oil.  The smell of the coconut oil and lavender are reminiscent of a luxury resort in a tropical paradise.

In future boxes, I’d love to see a sample of essential oil or other aromatherapy fragrance (lavender, lemon, etc.) included with the diffuser and inhaler.  Per Emma, this is in the works!  On the same note, I would also either like to receive a wax warmer or opportunity to purchase one as an add-on item from the website.  At the great price of $29.95 per box, it may be either the essential oils combo or the wax melt combo, which works for me!

I also love how you can purchase your favorite items from the box a la carte!

So, if you’re looking for a great way to treat yourself to some R&R once or once each month, check out Emma & Prince!  Use promo code ROYALTY and receive 10% off a three-month subscription!

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